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Should You Change Your Name On Your Canadian Resume?

Do you wonder if you should put your real name on your resume as a newcomer to Canada? You’re not ...

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2023: A Year in Review

2023 was a year of constant change and self-discovery, and I've come out of it with a deeper understanding of the entrepreneurial journey and myself.  I founded HireDiverse, a job ...
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11 Best Canadian Career Advisors and Influencers To Follow On LinkedIn In 2023

Diverse LinkedIn thought leaders to follow that will take your career to the next level. If you're an underrepresented or New Canadian looking for a job or next career move, ...
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TopResume Professional Resume Writing Service: A Review for Diverse Job Seekers

In the Canadian job market, securing your dream job often begins with a strong and professional resume. However, crafting a compelling resume can be a really daunting task.  For example, ...
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How To Hire Diverse: Three Ways to Create a Well-Represented Candidate Pool

Are you a Human Resources or Talent Acquisition Professional struggling to attract a diverse talent pool?  According to the LinkedIn Global Report on Recruitment, Diversity in recruitment is becoming a ...
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Resumes and Cover Letters Are Useless: Why the Canadian Recruitment and Selection Process is Broken

Resumes and cover letters are useless because they perpetuate hiring discrimination and offer little to no value when it comes to assessing candidate fit for a position.  Yet, employers continue ...
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Underrepresented Job Seekers Can’t Quiet Quit

If you’re an underrepresented, BIPOC job seeker, the quiet quitting trend might not work for you.  The quiet quitting conversation has traditionally omitted a discussion about the impacts on underrepresented ...
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Why Underrepresented Job Seekers Need to Find Career Clarity

When it comes to the job search, setting clear goals is an important first step to achieving success. Known as “Career Clarity”, this is important for job seekers because it ...
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Hate Your Job and Can’t Quit? 5 Things To Focus on for Career Advancement.

Hate your job and can’t quit? Worried this means you can’t advance your career? Being stuck in a circumstance like this is exactly what has sparked the conversation about the ...
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How To Get LinkedIn All-Star Status as a High-Skilled and Underrepresented Candidate in 2023

This is how to get LinkedIn All-Star status to stand out as an underrepresented and high-skilled candidate. It can be broken down into 9 steps. If you work one step ...
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Newcomers & International Students

Canadian Job Search Etiquette

Cross-cultural communication and understanding Canadian work etiquette are important parts of the job search for international students and newcomers. When looking to kick off a career in a new country, ...
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Things NOT To Say In A Resume In Canada

Sometimes Black, Brown and underrepresented job seekers include information on their resume which can lead to bias in the hiring process. This post will explore three things not to say ...
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3 Reasons To Work For a Big Company as a Black Professional in Canada

There are many reasons to work for a big company as a Black professional in Canada. For example, according to a survey by KPMG Canada, nearly seven in 10 Black ...
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