TopResume Professional Resume Writing Service: A Review for Diverse Job Seekers

In the Canadian job market, securing your dream job often begins with a strong and professional resume. However, crafting a compelling resume can be a really daunting task.  For example, it can be tough to know what should be included or excluded on your resume as a newcomer or international student looking for work in Canada.

That’s where resume writing services like TopResume come to the rescue! TopResume is a popular online platform that promises to elevate your resume and improve your chances of landing the job you desire. In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve deep into the features, services, pricing, and user experience of TopResume to help you determine if it’s the right solution for your career needs.

I worked as a Career Coach for several years reviewing resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles.  The work was really rewarding but also time consuming.  As a result, it was impossible to scale and help everyone who wanted to use this service.  Following this experience, I sought out alternatives to support my community of job seekers.  And that’s how I found TopResume. 

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Find your dream job. Apply to career-advancing Canadian companies who value what you bring to the table.

TopResume is a leading online resume writing service that offers a range of career-related services, with resume writing being their primary focus. The platform aims to help job seekers create standout resumes that showcase their skills, experiences, and achievements effectively. 

TopResume also provides LinkedIn profile optimization and cover letter writing services, making it a one-stop-shop for all your job application needs.

Services and features of TopResume

TopResume has a team of certified professional writers. Clients are guided through a detailed questionnaire to reveal their career history and goals, enabling TopResume to match them with a specialized writer. The result is a personalized and ATS-friendly resume that maximizes visibility. TopResume empowers Canadian diverse job seekers with a resume that enhances the confidence that leads to more job interviews.

Professional resume writing services like TopResume employ skilled writers who are well-versed in crafting effective resumes. They know the current industry trends, formatting styles, and language that can make your resume stand out. In addition, if you are switching industries or looking for a job in a niche field, a specialized resume writing service can help you emphasize the relevant skills and experiences that are specific to that industry. Resume writers can also provide an objective viewpoint on your strengths and accomplishments. They can highlight achievements you might have overlooked and suggest improvements to make your resume more impactful. By combining their expertise and your unique qualifications, resume writing services can significantly improve your chances of landing job interviews and ultimately, job offers. Here are the services offered by TopResume:

Resume writing

  • TopResume has a team of certified professional resume writers who claim to have expertise in various industries.
  • On signing up, users are required to fill out a detailed questionnaire about their career history, goals, and aspirations.
  • This information is then used to match clients with a writer who specializes in their field. The writer works closely with the client to craft a personalized and ATS-friendly (Applicant Tracking System) resume.

LinkedIn profiles

  • A compelling LinkedIn profile is crucial for networking and attracting potential employers.
  • TopResume’s LinkedIn optimization service promises to enhance your profile, improve visibility, and ensure that it aligns with your resume’s content.

Cover letters

  • A well-crafted cover letter can significantly increase your chances of getting noticed by hiring managers in organizations that still value tradition.
  • TopResume offers cover letter writing services that are tailored to complement your resume and target specific job opportunities effectively.

TopResume pricing and packages

TopResume offers three comprehensive packages tailored to meet your specific needs. Whether you’re on a budget and need a solid resume foundation, seeking to boost your online presence with LinkedIn optimization, or aiming to maximize your chances of success with a complete package including a tailored cover letter, TopResume has you covered. With industry-specific experts, their Starter, Premium, and Ultimate Packages provide the expertise and tools you need to stand out in the competitive job market.  Here are the details of their three main packages to cater to various job seeker needs:

Starter Package

  • The Starter Package includes a professionally written resume by an industry-specific expert.
  • While it offers a solid foundation, it lacks the additional services like LinkedIn optimization and cover letter writing. This package is suitable for those who need a resume revamp on a budget.
  • The investment is $149, or $14 per month through Affirm.

Premium Package

  • The Premium Package offers everything included in the Basic Package, along with LinkedIn profile optimization.
  • This option is ideal for individuals seeking to boost their online presence and enhance their networking potential.
  • The investment is $219, or $20 per month, through Affirm.

Ultimate Package

  • The Ultimate Package provides the complete package with a professionally written resume, LinkedIn profile optimization, and a tailored cover letter.
  • It is designed for job seekers aiming to maximize their chances of success and secure their dream job.
  • The investment is $39, or $32 per month through Affirm.

Pricing for each package varies based on factors like experience level, career goals, and deadline requirements. While TopResume’s services are undoubtedly valuable, some may find the pricing to be on the higher side, especially if you’re currently out of work. On the bright side, if you’re finding yourself strapped for cash, using a service like Affirm could be a great option to split the payments over time.

User Experience

TopResume’s process is fairly straightforward. Users complete a detailed questionnaire covering work history and accomplishments. Clients can also easily select their desired package and communicate regularly and openly with their resume writer. As expected, all the sign up is done through their website. Users can easily enter their credit card information online, or pay with Affirm. The checkout process is simple and clean. All the instructions are clearly communicated. It’s also really clear to see what you’re getting for your investment, which isn’t always the case when it comes to professional resume writing services.


  • TopResume’s website is well-designed and user-friendly.
  • The website layout is clean and intuitive, making it easy for visitors to find the information they need. This is important given the entire service and process is offered online.
  • The process of signing up and selecting a package is straightforward. Plus, the website provides clear instructions at every step.

Order Process

  • To get started, users need to sign up and complete an initial questionnaire.
  • The questionnaire covers essential details about their work history, accomplishments and goals.
  • After completing the questionnaire, users can select their desired package and proceed to payment. 
  • As an alternative and to test things out, you can start the process with a free resume review. Here, you upload your resume to the site and receive some immediate feedback at no charge.

Communication with Writers

  • TopResume encourages a collaborative approach, allowing clients to provide feedback and request revisions to the drafts.
  • This open communication fosters a sense of involvement and ensures that the final resume aligns with the client’s expectations.

Pros of using TopResume

With TopResume, you can save valuable time and make sure your resume aligns with recruiters’ expectations. The team of certified resume writers boasts industry-specific expertise, ensuring that your resume is perfectly tailored for different job markets. They take great pride in optimizing resumes for Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), maximizing your visibility in the competitive landscape of online job applications. Here are the pros of working with TopResume:

  • Certified Resume Writers: TopResume’s team is made up of certified professionals with industry-specific expertise, ensuring tailored resumes for different job markets.
  • Applicant Tracking System optimized resumes: The platform emphasizes creating resumes that are optimized for ATS, which is essential for increasing visibility in online job applications.
  • Full customization: A collaborative approach allows clients to have input into their resume content, ensuring that their unique strengths and accomplishments are highlighted.
  • Comprehensive packages: TopResume offers a range of services, including LinkedIn optimization and cover letter writing, making it a holistic solution for job seekers. There are also options to split payments over time which is a great perk.
  • Resume satisfaction guarantee: The platform provides a satisfaction guarantee and offers free revisions to ensure that clients are content with the final product.

Cons of using TopResume

When it comes to crafting the ideal resume, it’s important to acknowledge that there is no one-size-fits-all solution. While resume writing is a crucial aspect of any job search, it’s essential to be aware of the potential downsides of working with a professional resume writing service, like TopResume. For example, communication is key when working with a Resume Writer. Misunderstandings or misinterpretations could lead to a resume that doesn’t accurately represent your qualifications and could even lead to errors in the final document. Plus, once your resume is completed, the engagement with the resume writer typically ends. If you need further support or updates in the future, you will likely need to pay for additional services. Here are the cons of working with TopResume:

  • Pricing: Some users might find the pricing for the Ultimate Package investment to be high.
  • Turnaround time: The turnaround time for receiving the first draft may vary and expedited services come at an additional cost.
  • Completely virtual: TopResume operates entirely online, which may not suit individuals who prefer in-person consultations or more personal relationships.
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Conclusion: TopResume is a reputable service

TopResume is a reputable resume writing service that offers valuable assistance to job seekers in today’s competitive job market. With certified professional writers, ATS-friendly resumes, and comprehensive packages, the platform equips clients with the tools they need to stand out in their job search.

While the pricing may not be within everyone’s budget, the value provided by TopResume’s services can outweigh the costs for those who are serious about making a strong impression on potential employers.  Plus, you can always get started with a free resume review.

I really appreciate TopResume because of their focus on the quality of their resume writers, and their ability to serve a variety of diverse job seekers.  TopResume meets a need that independent resume writers and career coaches may struggle to fill, because they have several resume writers on staff.  

Even working with TopResume as an affiliate, the team is always response and I have a specific contact person I can reach via email anytime. It doesn’t feel like I’m a number, though I’m sure there are hundreds of other affiliates out there!

Ultimately, whether or not to use TopResume will depend on your individual needs, preferences, and financial considerations. For some, it can be a great investment that accelerates their career journey, while others may opt for alternative solutions. Remember to carefully assess your career goals and review all available options before making a decision. 

As a TopResume affiliate, I’d recommend giving their service a try.  You can start with the free resume review (with no commitment), and then take it from there!  You never know, working with a professional resume, cover letter or LinkedIn writer could make the difference when it comes to landing your dream job in Canada. Click the banner below to get a free review today!

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