Create a Standout LinkedIn Profile as an Underrepresented Professional

Overcome hiring bias as an underrepresented job seeker with this free training.

Leverage the power of your LinkedIn profile to overcome bias and standout as a candidate. In under 20 minutes, learn to create a strategy to overcome the unfair, invisible barriers between you your dream job. Get your free LinkedIn profile training now!


Take this LinkedIn training if:

You’re a Black, brown or BIPOC professional.

You’re looking for unique ways to stand out as a candidate. You want to use LinkedIn but don’t know where to start. This free LinkedIn training offers the strategic support that’s been missing. Learn the right way to setup your profile, what to include and how to set effective LinkedIn goals.

You’re an international student or new Canadian with professional experience.

You know LinkedIn is important but have no idea how to craft a compelling and professional LinkedIn profile. You’re feeling screened out of the process for reasons unrelated to the role. You feel like your name, your accent or where you’re from is having a negative impact on your ability to secure an interview and job.

Training access includes:

An 18-minute video training delivered on demand.

An insider’s perspective on what goes on behind closed doors in recruitment decisions.  With those barriers and challenges in mind you’ll get creative ways to combat the objections you might be facing, head on.  Learn to leverage the power of your LinkedIn profile to standout as a candidate and overcome bias in your job search.

Time-saving templates and tools to support your job search and career advancement success.

You get helpful tools like a LinkedIn Profile Checklist LinkedIn and LinkedIn Connection Request Templates. This takes the overwhelm out of building a standout LinkedIn profile and provides the clarity you’ve been craving when it comes to building your LinkedIn profile and connections.

Black and white photo of Shauna Cole. She is wearing an animal print dress and standing against a cement wall.

Meet Your Instructor

Hi, I’m Shauna. I created this free training because I want to help you get the job of your dreams, no matter your race or where you’re from.

I know first-hand that racism shows up in the workplace in lots of ways.

It’s the hiring manager who uses the n-word. It’s the colleagues who make off-colour remarks because they think I’m white, like them. It’s those vague but powerful prejudices that run like currents below the surface of office politics.

It's wrong. But so is perpetuating the dishonesty that bias is history. So, I’ve taken everything from my personal and professional experiences to create programs that confront racism head-on to move the dial for underrepresented professionals. If BLM has taught us anything, it’s that pretending racism doesn’t exist is one of the most dangerous attitudes of all.

On top of my personal experience, I’ve got a Master’s Degree in Business, I’m a Chartered Professional in Human Resources, Senior Certified Human Resources Professional, University Instructor and CBC Career expert Columnist.

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