We connect employers who value diversity with underrepresented job seekers.

Two images: one of a person with light skin tone smiling at the camera. The other is a person with dark skin tone laughing as they address someone on their laptop.

HireDiverse is an inclusive job board and outreach solution.

We provide Canadian employers with access to a pool of diverse talent and offer underrepresented job seekers a way to access opportunities from employers who value diversity through our job board and outreach solution.

With HireDiverse, Canadian employers expand their talent pool by proactively connecting with underrepresented job seekers. We empower companies to leverage the advantages of diversity, like improved decision-making, a favourable employment brand and creating an inclusive culture. Plus, it’s just the right thing to do.

At the same time, we provide a community to support job seekers. Helping them find the job of their dreams no matter their race, or where they’re from. We do this through our blog and other complimentary resources.

The Founder

Shauna Cole

As a mixed Black woman, Shauna knows first-hand that bias shows up in the workplace in lots of ways. That’s why she’s on a mission to help employers connect with underrepresented job seekers and to help professionals land the job of their dreams.

Shauna brings nearly 20 years of Human Resources experience and holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration. She’s also a Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR). Shauna holds a teaching position in the Master’s of Business Administration Program at the University of New Brunswick, where she delivers courses in communications, Human Resources and leadership.

Shauna is also workplace columnist with CBC Radio across Atlantic Canada who’s been featured in The Canadian HR Reporter, LinkedIn News, New Canadians TV, Motherly, The Maritime Edit and more.

Shauna continues to offer her voice on issues related to diversity and inclusion on her YouTube channel, Career Interrupted. Her content mission is to empower underrepresented job seekers by sharing the message ‘the job of your dreams, no matter your race or where you’re from’.

She’s also active on LinkedIn where she has a community of 11,000 followers.

Based in New Brunswick, She brings a unique combination of Human Resources, recruitment, marketing and lived experience to your diversity journey.

All About

Representation, equity, embracing diverse perspectives, education and awareness, accountability and measurement.

Not About

Checking the box, tokenism, diversity solutions that skip employing underrepresented professionals, ignoring the concerns of diverse employees, homogeneity.

Agree? We’re probably a great fit.

Finally making diversity in recruitment authentic.

Founded on our frustration with the status quo. HireDiverse is fuelled by our desire to bring equity to recruitment practices. Our work is both realistic and idealistic, offering employers opportunities to intentionally connect with underrepresented job seekers through our job board and outreach solution.