11 Best Canadian Career Advisors and Influencers To Follow On LinkedIn In 2023

Diverse LinkedIn thought leaders to follow that will take your career to the next level.

If you’re an underrepresented or New Canadian looking for a job or next career move, there are LinkedIn influencers you need to check out! Here at HireDiverse, we’ve rounded up Canadian career advisors and influencers who come from diverse backgrounds and communities. This is because it’s important to explore diverse and traditionally underrepresented perspectives in the job and career industry. Did we mention that only 14% of Canadian HR Professionals identify themselves as racially diverse?

The benefits of following and engaging with Influencers on LinkedIn.

Not only will following these professionals inspire you, engaging in their content on LinkedIn also helps boost your profile. Which is important if you’re looking to have an exceptional LinkedIn profile as an underrepresented candidate. An active LinkedIn profile can help you increase your visibility to recruiters and hiring managers who may be searching for candidates with your skills and experience. By regularly posting updates and engaging with others on the platform, you can increase your chances of being noticed by potential employers. So get your fingers ready to click these profiles, and expand your professional horizons by following these LinkedIn influencers and learning from their experiences.

Our list of top 11 LinkedIn thought leaders to follow for your career:

1. Sweta Regmi

Sweta Regmi Headshot

Sweta Regmi is a globally recognized top career expert, speaker, and certified career and resume strategist with over a decade of experience empowering career professionals. 100+ media outlets have widely recognized Regmi’s expertise and her insights have been featured by CBC National, Global National, CNBC, Wall Street Journal, HuffPost and more.

She’s recognized as one of the top voices in career development coaching, job search strategies, interviewing and personal branding by the LinkedIn team. Sweta regularly shares her lived experience through content to support newcomers and immigrants. She’s a true expert in the newcomer job search and immigrants career promotion strategy bringing years of professional experience as a hiring manager, but most importantly, she lived many of the challenges herself.   Sweta is an advocate for immigrants and newcomers in Canada who raises awareness on overcoming the biases and discrimination they may face in the hiring process or career promotion. She believes that immigrants should be culture adds, not just a cultural fit. 


2. Priscilla Jabouin

Priscilla Jabouin Headshot

Priscilla Jabouin started her career development coaching practice because she saw clients struggling to embrace their dream career. This is an experience she knows all too well after her own struggle in her first career as a school teacher.

Priscilla holds a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology, a 500 Hours Yoga Teacher Certification, Level 3 Reiki Certification and a Women’s Empowerment Pleasure Coach Certification. She combines all of her training to offer a holistic and nontraditional approach to career coaching to
support her clients to quit the 9 to 5 by exploring new possibilities so they can find their dream career by saying yes to what they really want to do. She is active on LinkedIn posting career transition advice.  Listen to her career path story on The Dream Career podcast.


3. Ibiyemi Balogun

Recognized as Talent Egg’s 2020 Career Coach of the Year, Ibiyemi Balogun is a Career and Leadership Coach who helps professionals not only attain but SUSTAIN meaningful careers. As the Founder of Foot In The Door Consulting  (FITD Consulting), Ibiyemi works with professionals in Business,Technology, the creative industries and beyond.

She uses a holistic approach to not just target an individual’s career goals but to also ensure it aligns with their lifestyle and overall wellbeing. She is passionate about supporting underrepresented professionals and has been featured and spoken at Black Professionals in Tech Network BPTN, Accelerate Her Future, Toronto Metropolitan University, Toronto Jobs and many others. Ibiyemi has an MBA in entrepreneurship & social innovation from Ted Rogers School of Management with an extensive 10 year career in Diversity Recruitment, Career Coaching, Business Development and Leadership within Nonprofit and Post-Secondary industries. 


4. Mukhtar Kadiri

Mukhtar is an accomplished program management expert and career coach with over 13 years’ experience driving major initiatives across various industries.

As a career coach, Mukhtar is passionate about helping people land project/program management opportunities. He has more than 10 years’ experience teaching and speaking at conferences, universities, companies, and on online platforms.

Mukhtar regularly shares insights on job search strategies and project/program management on his LinkedIn profile, where his content has gotten over 900,000 views.


5. Leah Carr

Leah Carr Headshot

Leah Carr is a highly accomplished Human Resources Professional and Career Coach, dedicated to empowering professionals to unlock their full potential and achieve career success. With a passion for helping individuals navigate through their professional journeys, Leah combines her extensive expertise in career development, strategic branding, and motivational coaching to guide her clients towards fulfilling and impactful careers.

Drawing from over a decade of experience in talent acquisition and human resources, Leah possesses a deep understanding of the ever-evolving job market, and the skills employers seek in top candidates. She leverages this knowledge to provide personalized career guidance, empowering individuals to identify their unique strengths, refine their personal brand, and make informed decisions that align with their long-term goals.


6. Tekena Ikoko

Tekena Ikoko Headshot

With more than 2,300 hours of coaching experience, Tekena has a Professional Certified Coach designation from the International Coaching Federation. He is also a Certified Emotional Intelligence Coach, Tiny Habits Certified Coach, leadership consultant, public speaker and author of 17 books, which have sold over half a million copies worldwide.Tekena leads with empathy as a catalyst to help clients better understand themselves and find their way forward. He is adept at working with leaders to recognize blindspots, unravel complex problems, and divine their own solutions.  His company, Cankata Coaching offers tools to help leaders gain clarity, maximize creativity and build greater connections. 


7. Rob Kim

Rob Kim Headshot

Rob Kim is a LinkedIn Top Voice for Job Search and Careers, where he has grown a community of over 12,000 followers. He currently works for alumni UBC as Manager, Alumni Career Education. Rob’s experience as a career educator at the University of British Columbia has involved developing career programming for a diverse population using a strengths-based approach. He is passionate about supporting people with their own self-advocacy journey to support their career development.

He is a believer in learning and development as a CliftonStrengths coach and a professional ICF (International Coaching Federation) Associate Coach. He explores topics like acing your career search, networking strategies, how to use LinkedIn, and lots more.


8. Yauhan Mehta

Yauhan Mehta

Yauhan is  a Change Management Advisor and Career Coach who is passionate about leveraging the power of people as a strategic advantage to propel business growth.  He’s most fulfilled supporting organizations to achieve major business transformations, enabling professionals to own their greatness, and empowering  job seekers to find meaningful careers at reputable companies where they can thrive. 

In his role as a Career Coach, he helps clients gain career clarity and set themselves apart as top talent.  He also focuses on helping clients elevate their resume and LinkedIn profile to accelerate job search success. 


9. Victoria Adefioye

Victoria Osunkoya Headshot

Victoria is an experienced Human Resource Consultant with expertise in Career Development.  She founded Careerhive, where she facilitates career advancement and success for individuals and organizations. Her company does this by providing top-quality staffing and recruitment solutions, employment assistance programs and e-learning courses on topics like personal branding. 

Victoria’s goal is to connect job seekers with their dream careers while also helping businesses build their ideal workforce.  After helping many job seekers in her home country of Nigeria, she brings that knowledge and experience to Canada.  


10. Shelly Elsliger

Shelly Elsinger Headshot

Shelly is a globally-recognized LinkedIn Trainer, Career and DEI Specialist and President of Linked-Express. She is a trusted speaker for LinkedIn Canada, has nearly 40,000 LinkedIn followers, and has one goal: to help you go from simply being on LinkedIn to being Linked In!

She focuses on social reciprocity as a way to win on LinkedIn. She celebrates the value of having an optimized LinkedIn Story and the importance of paying acts of goodness forward.  She’s known as LinkedIn CKO (Chief Kindness Officer) and the force behind the #decidetobekind movement on LinkedIn; an international campaign that advocates against bullying on LinkedIn so it can remain a positive, safe and inclusive place to be.


11. Shauna Cole

Shauna Cole Headshot

Shauna is the Founder of hirediverse.ca, a Canadian job board focused on connecting underrepresented candidates with employers who value diversity and inclusion.  She’s also a university instructor and Chartered Professional in Human Resources (CPHR) who holds an MBA.  

Shauna shares career and job search content to support underrepresented job seekers through their unique challenges.  Shauna is active on LinkedIn and YouTube where she’s built a community of over 12,000 followers.  She makes regular guest appearances as a workplace columnist on CBC radio throughout the Maritimes.  Her work has also been featured in the Canadian HR Reporter, LinkedIn News, Motherly, The Maritime Edit and more. 


A call for diverse perspectives: who are your favourite Canadian LinkedIn career influencers to follow?

Did we miss someone you think should be on the list? Who are your favourite LinkedIn users to follow regarding career growth? Let us know!

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Shauna Cole

Shauna Cole is the founder of hirediverse.ca. She is a Human Resources Consultant and Instructor at the University of New Brunswick. She’s been featured by CBC, The Canadian HR Reporter, CareerBeacon, The Maritime Edit, Jobscan and more. She founded hirediverse.ca to connect underrepresented job seekers with employers who value diversity. Join her on LinkedIn or watch her videos on Youtube.